Soyuz TM-30 / Mir-28

Crew & Mission

Left: The crew in their training Sokols. Center: The crew portrait with Steklov. Right: The crew in their training flight suits, shortly before launch. Back-up crewmember Pavel Vinogradov is visible at left.


The Flight Sokols

Left: The crew with their flight Sokols. Right: Kaleri just before launch. Note that there is no mission patch attached to the Sokol and that the Mir-patch is of the newest type, with the "M" out of center to the right.

IVA Wear

Left: Kaleri and Zalyutin in their Centaur suits aboard Mir. They are wearing an EO-28 mission patch on their right breast; an Avikos-patch on their left breast.

The Orlan EVA-suits

Soyuz TM-30/EO-28 Patch History

Left: The first design, showing Steklov's name. The XXVIII is in yellow, the Sun and Mir are placed higher. Right: The final design without Steklov. The Sun and the Mir-station are placed lower to make room for Kaleri's name. Also, the XVIII is in red and the space keft by Steklov is filled with bigger stars.

In the rotating Planeta Zemlja/Spaceview partnership, the TM-30/EO-28 patch was designed again by Dima of Planeta Zemlja. The original design includes the name of actor Steklov, who would fly to Mir to have some scenes of a movie filmed aboard. Steklov ultimately did not fly, so his name was removed from the final artwork. The patch was produced by the Vimpel-company and embroidered onto black felt.

Left: The crew one day before launch, not wearing the patch. Center, right: Kaleri and Zalyutin during training for later ISS missions, wearing the same flight suit, with patches.

The crew were not wearing the patch on their training flight suits until the final moments before launch. They were not wearing it at their press-conference, one day before the mission, but had it attached to their suits on launch day.

The crew did not wear the mission patch on their flight Sokols, but were wearing it in orbit on their Centaur-suits.
Collecting Soyuz TM-30/EO-28

Left: Alex Panchenko produced the Steklov patch after the mission. Center: . Right: .

Randy Hunt was the first to make a reproduction of the patch. Unfortunately, he did not manage to correcltly read the 'Expeditia XVIII' words and gave his own interpretation to the cyrrilic letters. The patch was embroidered onto black felt, but used too light colors. Another souvenir version was made by Stewart Aviation. It had the correct lettering, was embroidered onto a felt background as well, but also used too light colors. Next, AB Emblem produced a copy of the patch, which did not follow the artwork very closely. A fourth version was done by Spaceview and a fifth, using metal thread and showing the Steklov design, was done by Alex Panchenko. Vimpel also produced a 'souvenir' version, using the original embroidery pattern and colors onto black nylon material instead of felt, probably because nylon is cheaper.

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