Soyuz TM-27 / Mir-25

Crew & Mission

Left: The crew in their training Sokols. Right: The backup crew of Haigneré, Afanasyev and Treschev.


The Flight Sokols

Left: Musabayev and Budarin in their flight Sokols. Center, right: Two pictures of Leopold Eyharts, showing the patch layout on his flight Sokol.

Left: Musabayev and Budarin during launch. Right: Andrew Thomas wearing his Sokol suit.

IVA Wear

Left: The EO-25 crew in their PK-14 suits, just arrived at Mir. Right: Musabayev and Budarin in their Penguin suits.

Left: Thomas in his Penguin suit. Right: Budarin in "working" cloths.

The Orlan EVA-suits

Left: Budarin in Orlan M6 during the first EVA on April 1, 1998. Right: Musabeyev (Orlan M5, Red) and Budarin (Orlan M6, Blue) during the third EVA on April 11, 1998.

The crew made five spacewalks. Musabayev was wearing Orlan M5 on the first three and Orlan M4 on the final two. Budarin was wearing Orlan M6 on all five EVA's.

Soyuz TM-27/EO-25 Patch History

Left: The Pégase artwork. Right: The two versions of the patch.

Being an international mission, the CNES-'Pégase' logo became the patch worn on the flight suits. Originally, the mission was planned for 1997, so the first design - worn by the TM-26/EO-24 crew - showed '1997'. For the TM-27/EO-25 mission, it was redesigned, showing '1998'.

Left: The Planeta Zemlja artwork. Center: Musabayev and Budarin wearing the Planeta Zemlja patch. Right: Eyharts wearing the Planeta Zemlja patch.

Again, this mission did have two crew patches: that of Planeta Zemlja and that of Novosti Kosmonavtiki/Spaceview. The Planeta Zemlja version, designed by Dmitriy Shcherbinin, again was the official patch, worn by the crew on their Earth-bound flightsuits. The Novosti Kosmonavtiki/Spaceview patch was again designed by Luc van den Abeelen. The logo with double headed Russian eagle, American bald eagle and white pegasus was first designed for TM-26/EO-24, but was switched with the TM-27/EO-25 logo when Leopold Eyharts' mission was delayed.

Left: The original design, made for TM-26/EO-24. Center: The fax with corrections made by the crew. Right: The finalized artwork.

The design was faxed to the cosmonauts, who made little adjustments, but approved it with their signatures. Spaceview was followed by bad luck: for the fourth time in a row, the patch had to be remade. This time, Aviation Patch Supplies forgot to use white thread for the head of the American eagle.

Left: The Spaceview version with brown headed American Eagle. Right: The corrected version with white headed American eagle.

Collecting Soyuz TM-27/EO-25

Left: The Stewart Aviation souvenir Pégase version. Right: Randy Hunt's copy of Planeta Zemlja's TM-27 patch.

Stewart Aviation again bought their Mir-25 patches directly from Spaceview, so only one version of the patch was made available to the public. It is still available from multiple sources. When buying it, make sure you have the corrected version with the white-headed American Eagle!

The Planeta Zemlja version was available to collectors in Russia, but is extremely hard to come by in the West nowadays. Randy Hunt did make a copy of the Planeta Zemlja version. The Pégase 1998 patch was copied by Stewart Aviation - it is still available from them.

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