Soyuz TM-21 / EO-18

Crew & Mission

Thagard, Strekalov and Dezhurov.


The Flight Sokols

Left: Thagard, Dezhurov and Strekalov in their flight Sokols. Right: The Russians were wearing
the RKA-patch on their left chests.

Close-up of Thagard's Sokol suit.

For the first time since Soyuz TM-10, the Mir patch was visible again on the front of the Sokol suits. Probably, in the new Russian-American era, a patch reading "Mir" was more suitable from a public relations point of view.

Thagard was wearing a NASA "meatball" on the left chest of his Sokol. The Sokols of Strekalov and Dezhurov had the new PKA-patch in that spot. It was also worn on the Penguin-suits aboard.

IVA Wear

Left: The Soyuz TM-21 crew arrive at the Mir station, wearing their PK-14 jackets. They are welcomed by Polyakov (front) and Kondakova (center). Right: Strekalov (top) and Thagard in their PK-14 suits.

Left: Strekalov in a blue PK-14 jumpsuit, wearing a patch reading "Centaur". Center: Close-up of the Centaur-patch, along with a second version (inverted colors) spotted aboard. Right: Dezhurov in a similar suit, without patch.

Left: Dezhurov and Strekalov wearing their Penguin-suits. Note the RKA-patch on their left pockets. Center: Thagard wearing his Penguin-suit. Right: The left side of Thagard's Penguin suit with a Russian flag patch.

The Orlan EVA-suits

Left: Dezhurov with Orlan DMA-27. Right: Strekalov, wearing Orlan DMA-18.

Dezhurov and Strekalov performed five spacewalks (May 12, 17, 22 and 29 and June 2, 1995). They reshuffled solar arrays to make room for the STS-71/Atlantis docking and worked on the docking equipment. Dezhurov's suit (DMA-27) was new and appears to have no patches attached; Strekalov's suit was used before once by Serebrov (EO-14) and twice by Musabayev (EO-16).

Personal patches

Strekalov, Thagard and Dezhurov wearing the Mir-18 and personal patches.

Personal patches of Strekalov (Stewart 1340), Thagard (Stewart 1314) and Dezhurov (1401)

Patch History
The Mir-18 patch was designed and manufactured in the United States, probably by AB Emblem. Konstantin Lantratov: "For the first Russian -American flight, the patch was designed by the Americans. It did not make sense to compete with them, although I had a version at hand."

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