Soyuz TM-11/EO-8


Crew & Mission


The Flight Sokols

Akiyama, Afanasyev and Manarov in their flight Sokols, ready for launch.
Zvezda and Aleko

Left: the Aleko and Zvezda patches on Manarov's flight Sokol. Right: the Zvezda patch.

Left: the Moskvich Aleko. Right: advertisement for the Moskvich Aleko seen aboard Mir in October 1990.

Japanese Sokol Patches

Left: Official drawing, depicting Sokol patch layout. Right: Akiyama's flight Sokol with "Earth we Love" and blue Sony, Unicharm & Pocari Sweat patch.

Left: the blue Sony, Unicharm (middle) and Pocari Sweat (lower) patch as worn on Akiyama's Sokol. Center: the TBS "Earth we Love" patch. Right: Japanese flag patch.


Left: The white Sony, Unicharm (second line), Pocari Sweat (third line) and Minolta patch. Center: Toyohiro Akiyama wearing his PK-flight costume with jacket. Right: Official drawing, depicting Penguin, TZK and PK patch layout.

The Sony, Pax Corporation, Minolta and Pocari Sweat (one in western and one in Japanese script) patches.


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