Soyuz TM-10/EO-7


Crew & Mission

Left: Manakov (l) and Strekalov in their training Sokols. Right: Strekalov and Manakov in their training TK-suits.


TM-10 Flight Sokols

Left: Manakov (l) and Strekalov wearing their flight Sokols just before launch. Backups Musa Manarov and Viktor Afanasyev are also visible. Right: Manakov and Strekalov about to board the bus to the launchpad.

The Sokol suit of Strekalov in the 1993 Sotheby's Russian Space History auction.

IVA Gear

Left: Strekalov (l) and Manakov in their Penguin suits. Right: TM-9 crewmember Aleksandr Balandin and TM-10 crewmember Strekalov during the handover period, posing with the "Banner of Peace" (also known as the "Roerich Movement Flag"). They are also wearing a similar patch or sticker.

The Orlan DMA EVA-suit



Molchanov's design

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