Marc Garneau, STS-77


Marc Garneau's patch was developed to commemorate Canadian participation in Space Shuttle Mission STS-77. It features the Space Shuttle Endeavour flying at night over an ocean which reflects a Canadian leaf moon. The Canadian experiments on board are highlighted in this elliptical design with a nautical theme.

Endeavour is depicted in its Spartan release attitude. Marc Garneau retrieved the satellite with the use of Canada's trademark in space: the Canadarm. Lights in the payload bay and cabin illuminate the Spacehab payloads, Canadarm, and Spartan 207 satellite. Canadian experiments, NANO-GAS and ACTORS are illustrated by blue dots on the GAS bridge where they were stored.

The ocean as viewed from orbit, reflecting moonlight, sets the nautical tone of the patch. It also serves as a symbol for the CFZF where dots, representing crystalline molecules, form into a regular pattern similar to the CFZF logo design. A star in the ocean is actually a starfish, representing a Canadian experiment on ARF.

The green airglow and auroras extend above the horizon, evoke sailing vessels, a tribute to Garneau's naval experience. Two silver and three white stars represent the number of Canadian spaceflights including this one, the fifth.