STS-63 "Ford"



This is the original design of the STS-63 patch. ..."We (the crew of STS-63) started designing the patch in the spring of 1994. At that time I was married. This patch was submitted as the official STS-63 patch, and was in the approval cycle, when I and my husband decided to get divorced. The officially approved patch for STS-63 says Voss. A few companies started making patches with the name "Ford" before the approval cycle was complete"...

Letter from Astronaut Janice E. Voss, 1997.

"The STS 63 original artwork did have the name "Ford" on it. However, before we completed the pattern making progress for this emblem, the astronaut office called us to inform of the correction. Therefore, no emblems were ever made for the astronauts with the name "Ford".

Letter from AB Emblem to Harald Kraenzel, May 31, 1995 .