Crew & Mission

The crew members for STS-41F were Karol J. Bobko, commander; Donald E. Williams, pilot; M. Rhea Seddon, S. David Griggs, and Jeffrey A. Hoffman.

This crew and mission was originaly manifasted to be STS-41E, it was later remanifasted as STS-41F. Because of the 2-month delay in the launch of STS-41D, the STS 41-F mission was cancelled. The primary payloads were included on the STS 41-D flight. The crew was reassigned to STS-51E.


The dominant features of the STS-41F emblem are an orbit formed by a Colonial American flag and a Space Shuttle. The flag in orbit signifies the U.S. flag to indicate that it comes from this country and the American people. The original 13- star flag is used to symbolize a continuity of technical achievement and progress since colonial times, and also for the 13th flight in the Shuttle program. The name Discovery preceding the flag represents the spirit of Discovery and exploration of new frontiers which have been a hallmark of American people even before they were formed together as a nation. The two stars above and below Discovery represents the second flight of Discovery.