soyuz tma patch
SOYUZ TMA-1 (Bass)

The Crew

(26 August 2002) From the left, Soyuz 5 Nominated Space Flight Participant Lance Bass, Soyuz 5 Commander Sergei Zalyotin and Soyuz 5 Flight Engineer Frank De Winne pause at one of the International Space Station training modules during training and familiarization at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). The mockup is in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility. Zalyotin represents Rosaviakosmos and De Winne is affiliated with the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Artwork

The Soyuz TMA-1 insignia depicts the spacecraft surrounded by stylized country flags of the mission's two official crew members: Sergei Zalyotin of Russia and Frank De Winne of Belgium. And a third flag, that of the United States, represents proposed American space tourist Lance Bass. Soyuz TMA-1 is scheduled to replace Soyuz TM-34.

(Since it is now official that Bass would not fly on this mission it is NOT the official crewpatch. Also please note that (in the artwork) the colours of the Russian flag are in the wrong way, it has to be White, Blue, Red).