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The Expedition-22 Artwork

ISS022-S-001 (February 2009) --- The 22nd Expedition to the International Space Station is dedicated to the final stages of assembly and the transition to full utilization as an orbiting laboratory. The sun, providing power and life support to the space station, shines through one of the solar arrays as the ISS orbits above Earth. The oceans and atmosphere, providing life support to Earth, are shown in all their beauty. The moon hovers in the distance as the goal of the next era of exploration. The six stars illustrate the increased capability of the crew complement. In the border are the national flags of the crew members as well as their surnames in their native languages. Expedition XXII continues the effort to acquire the knowledge necessary to extend the reach of exploration from Earth, to the moon and beyond.

The Expedition-22 patch was designed by Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes.

Collecting Exp-22

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