skylab-rescue patch

Crew & Mission

(S73-33159 --- 1973) The Skylab Rescue crew, Vance Brand and Don Lind.


"The rescue Apollo spacecraft approaches the Skylab Docking Adapter as its crew of Vance Brand and Don Lind prepare to return to Earth the crew of Skylab 2."

Dear Timothy:

Don Lind and I have looked over your two patch proposals, and we believe that 
both ideas are excellent. However, we have decided not to have a crew patch 
unless the rescue mission is actually committed to fly. At the moment, it is 
looking like a rescue will not be required for Skylab II.

If you don't mind, we would like to save your two ideas to be considered 
along with other ideas in the event that a rescue mission launch does 

Best regards,

Vance D. Brand, 
NASA Astronaut.

Letter From astronaut Vance D. Brand to Timothy Gagnon, September 05, 1973.

Flight Hardware

Above: SA-209 - Skylab rescue vehicle; on display at Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Center (photo by Dave Jensen).
Below: CSM-119 - Skylab Rescue and ASTP backup; on display at Kennedy Space Center Apollo/Saturn V Center (photo by Don Edberg).