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Soviet Seal
(No Border)

(1975 - 1980)

The Soviet Seal seems to have been especially designed for the international Apollo-Soyuz (Soyuz-19) mission. The smaller version (with yellow overlock border) first showed up in 1974 in Soyuz-19 training photography, but it was the second version shown here (handcut pattern; without border) that was worn during the actual mission.

We have seen the borderless patch worn by Yuri Romanenko on a Soyuz-38 red/navy intravehicular training suit (1980). Romanenko was back-up commander for the Soyuz-19 mission, which maybe the reason why he was still wearing this borderless ASTP Soviet Seal.

The Real Thing

The borderless Soviet Seal patch worn by Valeri Kubasov aboard Soyuz-19 (Apollo-Soyuz) in July 1975.


This patch was not made commercially available. A replica, shown here, was made by Stewart Aviation in England in the late 1980's.

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