The insignia is intended to represent the activities of past, present, and future NASA Flight Directors in their role of providing leadership and direction for conducting Manned Space Flight.

The bottom two stars on the insignia represent the involvement of the Flight Crews and the Ground Support Elements, respectively. The arrow pointing outward into space represents the Flight Director in pulling the elements together to support and respond to the needs of the Program, which is represented by the highest star. This star represents all the Manned Programs: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, ASTP, Skylab, Space Transportation System (STS), and Space Station. The “orbit” signifies the role of the Flight Director in the on-orbit operations relative to the Programs. The “solid wing” symbol on the emblem denotes the Flight Director role in aerodynamic flight activities: launch and entry. The orbit and wing symbols were borrowed from the original NASA seal to add a sense of tradition to the emblem and to include all activities of space flight.

The insignia in the form of a pin is intended to be worn by those Flight Directors who have previously flown a mission in the MCC. New Flight Directors will have to “earn their wings” before the pin can be worn.