Thirsk Patch Revealed

Canadian Soyuz TMA-15/Exp.21/Exp.22 crew member Bob Thirsk revealed his mission patch - designed by Bill Helin - in Calgary on Tuesday, February 17. An interesting observation: Thirsk, not American Nicole Stott, may return on the Soyuz instead of STS-129. Thirsk: ,,It is still not clear if I will come home on the Shuttle or the Soyuz.''

Soyuz TMA-14 has produced for Roscosmos the official embroidered Soyuz TMA-14 patch. Spaceview artist Luc van den Abeelen helped compose the final design, based on the drawing of Anna Chibiskova (12) from Moscow. Collectors who are interested in an original Soyuz TMA-14 patch can now pre-order it here. More pictures of Simonyi's Sokol (taken by S.Simakina of Zvezda) can be seen at the Roscosmos website.

Charles Simonyi - TMA-14

First shown on CollectSpace, this is the personal Soyuz TMA-14 mission logo for Charles Simonyi. Simonyi explained the patch to Robert Pearlman of Cs. In the mean time, the European Space Agency has announced that Frank de Winne's mission to the ISS wil be named OasISS.

Julie Payette - STS-127

This patch commemorates Julie Payette's participation in mission STS-127 to the International Space Station. The central element is a magnificent image of the Earth taken from space. A robotic arm spells out the astronaut's name in electronic circuitry. It not only represents Canadian successes in space robotics but also Julie Payette's duties on this mission. She will be operating three different robotic arms: Canadarm, Canadarm2 and a Japanese arm.

ISS Expeditions 21 & 22

The ISS Expedition-21 patch (left) was designed by Frank de Winne's wife Lena ( more about the design of the patch). The Expedition-22 patch (right) was designed by Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes. Both patches will be available from AB Emblem.

February 19, 2009

Latest updates:

Exp.-21 (Photo, designer, text)
Soyuz TMA-15 (Thirsk patch)
STS-128 (Photo of patch)
STS-127 (Photo of patch)
STS-126 (Early Designs)

Upcoming events:

February 20 - STS-119 Delta Flight Readiness Review

March 4 - Exp. 20/21 Media Briefing at JSC, 19.00 GMT
(Romanenko, De Winne, Thirsk, Stott)

ISS / Shuttle Schedule:

STS-119/S6: NET Feb 27, 2009
06:27 GMT
Archambault, Antonelli, Acaba, Arnold, Phillips, Swanson, Magnus (down), Wakata (up)

Soyuz TMA-14: March 26, 2009
11:49:06 GMT
Padalka, Barratt, Simonyi
Starts Exp 19

Progress M-02M: Apr. 22, 2009

STS-125/HST: N.E.T. May 12, 2009
17:11 GMT
Altman, G.C. Johnson, Grunsfeld, Massimino, Feustel, Good, McArthur

STS-127/JEM: N.E.T. May 15, 2009
23:05 GMT
Polansky, Hurley, Cassidy, Marshburn, Wolf, Payette, Kopra (up), Wakata (down)

Soyuz TMA-15: May 27, 2009
~10:30 GMT
Romanenko, De Winne ('OasISS'), Thirsk
Starts Exp 20

Ares I: July 11, 2009

Progress M-67: July 24, 2009

STS-128/MPLM: Aug.6, 2009
13:25 GMT
Sturckow, Ford, Forrester, Fuglesang, Hernandez, Olivas, Stott (up), Kopra (down)

HTV-1: Sept. 1, 2009

Soyuz TMA-16: Sept. 30, 2009
Surayev, J. Williams, Aimbetov
Starts Exp 21

Progress M-03M: Oct. 15, 2009

Progress M-S02 / MRM-2: Nov.10, 2009

STS-129/ELC: Nov. 12, 2009
Hobaugh, Wilmore, Foreman, Satcher, Bresnik, Melvin

Soyuz TMA-17: Dec. 7, 2009
Kotov, Noguchi, Creamer
Starts Exp 22

Progress M-04M: Dec. 26, 2009

Progress M-05M: Feb. 3, 2010

STS-130/Node3: Feb. 4, 2010
Zamka, Virts, Hire, Robinson, Behnken, Patrick

STS-131/MLPM: March 18, 2010
Poindexter, Dutton, Metcalf-Lindenburger, Wilson, Mastracchio, Yamazaki, Anderson

Progress M-06M: March 5, 2010

Soyuz TMA-18: April 2, 2010
Kaleri?, Korniyenko, Caldwell
Starts Exp 23

STS-132/MRM-1: May 13, 2010

Progress M-07M: April 30, 2010

Soyuz TMA-19: May 30, 2010
Skvortsov, Walker, Wheelock
Starts Exp 24

STS-133/ELC: July 29, 2010

HTV-2: Jun. 2010

Progress M-08M: June 30, 2010

ATV-2: Jul. 2010
Johannes Kepler

Progress M-09M: July 30, 2010

[STS-134/AMS: Sept.16, 2010]

Soyuz TMA-01M: Sept. 30, 2010
Kondratyev?, Skripochka, S.Kelly
Starts Exp 25

Progress M-10M: Oct. 30, 2010

Soyuz TMA-20: Nov. 30, 2010
Borisienko, Coleman, Nespoli
Starts Exp 26

Progress M-11M: Dec. 20, 2010

Soyuz TMA-21: March 2011 Tyurin (?), Garan (?), Samokutyayev (?)
Starts Exp 27

Soyuz TMA-22: May 2011
Starts Exp 28

MLM-1/ERA: Nov. 2011

The Real Thing

An embroidered STS-128 crew patch, presumably produced by AB Emblem, first seen on eBay on February 16, 2009.

STS-119 STS-125 STS-127
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