ASTP-Support Crew

The support crew for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project had their own patch. Instead of last names the support crew used their nick-names: Bo (Karol Bobko), Bob (Robert Overmeyer), Crip (Robert Crippen), Troop (Richard Truly), Johnny (Dzhanibekov), Boris (Andreyev), Yuri (Romanenko) and Sasha (Ivanchenko).

A Personal Story..

Astronaut Bob Overmyer tells the story:

,,Somebody who'd been involved in making the official patch - I think it was from Rockwell - made that unofficial crew patch for those of us serving on the astronaut backup/support crews, just for fun. The artist just drew it; we never had any embroidered patches made up. There weren't that many printed. Just enough for the eight astronauts and a number of people around the Johnson Space Center."

Space Flight News 28, April 1988.


This patch was made by Jacques Tiziou in 1975.
Although the crew did not have the patch made up at the time, a 5" embroidered version was especially produced for collectors in the 90's.